Knuckles Mountain Range - Rathnagiriya


Thunhisgala/ Kalupahana is a prominent peak of Knuckles massif with 1627m height. It is situated at center of Knuckles area-Kalupahana which was covered with Cardamom estates 30 years ago. The reason for the name Thunhisgala is due to three peaks in climbing. Alternative meaning is three ridges meet together to form the mountain.

It’s better to Start the journey as early as possible. Trail head starts from Rathnagiriya. There is a distance of 2-2.5km from Lebanon estate junction to trail head. (Using short cuts).

Leaches are part of the nature, so you can’t ignore them & get ready to have some leach bites. with in 3 hours we can reach to KMP wadiya, where we are gonna stay for the night. 

In the next morning we are going to climb the Thunhisgala mountain. It will take 2 hours to reach to the top & also it’s a very steep climb. On the summit we are having 1 hour rest & you can refuel yourself with snacks. At the same time you can take photographs as much as you want with the spectacular views of Knuckles mountain Range.

On our way down we ae using the same rout . It will take 2 hours to KMP wadiya & another 3 hours to our Starting point. within 5 hours of trekking we are planning to end our journey at Lebanon estate.

KMP Wadiya

KMP Wadiya is a abandon cardamom hut  provides only basic but essential facilities.