Nildiya Pokuna Expedition

Ella - Karandagola


Nil diya Pokuna, an underground lake deep within the mountains of Ella, Sri Lanka lies 11km away from Ella town. This is a must visit place for a person who is addicted to caving. Villagers say this is the place where King Rawana hid Rawana back in the day. You may need to enter from a cavity with the radius of around 2 feet and then there is approximately 1.5 km to reach the underground lake.

The beginning is a tad hard but after a while it becomes easier and it is possible to even walk towards the destination. The water running in this is lake has a beautiful blue colour and is very deep, a person who cannot swim is advised to stay out of the water. The air inside is very clean and to explore the surrounding well a high beam torch would be very useful.


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