Horton Plains

Nuwara Eliya - Pattipola


Looking forward to a high altitude trek that promises to take you to one of the most stunning destinations in Sri Lanka; then Horton’s Plain is a ‘must’ in your travel itinerary.

Everything is so picture perfect here your photography skills will certainly be put to the test. Ramble through the mist covered grasslands, patches of evergreen forests and cloud forests interspersed with fresh water streams and mist covered swamps. The only sound to be heard is that of water gushing, bird singing and the wind blowing wildly through the trees… it’s nothing short of perfect peace and total bliss.

For those with endurance, Sri Lanka’s second highest mountain, Kirigalpottha and third highest Totupola Kanda are waiting to be explored.

This UNESCO designated Natural World Heritage site, being a biodiversity hotspot is one of the best places to observe nearly 750 species of plants, 24 species of mammals, 87 species of birds, 09 species of reptiles and 08 species of amphibians.

However the key attraction at Horton Plains is a sheer precipice with an 870m (2,854 ft) drop called “World’s End” – from where one can see the world stretch out to all eternity and the Baker’s fall, known as one Sri Lanka’s most beautiful waterfalls with its water pounding down a 20m (66ft) high stone slab.