Duwili Ella

Knuckles Mountain Range - Atanwala


Duwili Ella can be considered as the heart of the Knuckles forest. To reach Duwili Ella a tough trek of 16km has to be done with a lot of uphill climbs and downhill climbs and this complete trek is done in the thick forest.

A number of animals could be met in this trek including elephants, leopards, sambars etc. More than 10 untouched waterfalls of Knuckles forest will be passed in this journey. Once the trek starts you will only cross one village and even that is abandoned so this is completely a jungle trek. Minimum 2 days will be needed for this trek and an additional day as a backup would be ideal.

This trek can be used to observe the rich bio diversity in the Knuckles forest and also numerous sceneries will be seen on the way. After reaching the Duwili Ella falls the night could be spent in the cave located right besides the waterfall. You can see a mesmerizing view while enjoying a cool bath hanging onto the roots with the waterfall.


Pictures From Dawatagala Trail