Adam's Peak / Sri Pada

Hatton - Delhousie ( Nallathanniya )

About Adam's Peak / Sri Pada

Soaring from the southwestern edge of the hill country, Adam’s Peak is one of Sri Lanka’s most impressive natural landmarks. The miniature Matterhorn towers above the surrounding verdant hills and makes for a particularly dramatic sight when wispy clouds wrap around its conical shape. At 2,243 metres above sea level it’s only the country’s fifth tallest peak but the curious depression at its summit has inspired countless legends. One of which, believed by Buddhists, is that it is the footprint of Buddha and for this reason the dip is known locally as Sri Pada.

For many Sri Lankans, climbing to the top of Sri Pada is an important pilgrimage and although the predominant visitors are Buddhists (Sri Lanka’s main religion), Hindus, Christians and Muslims all visit the mountain as well. Each religion has its own legend associated with the depression at the summit, for example Hindus believe it is the footprint of Lord Shiva whereas Muslims and Christians associate it with Adam, hence the name Adam’s Peak.


This is a day excursion where we will be leaving around 1.30 am from Nallathanniya (Dalhousie). After 3 hours of ascend  from nallathanniya town we can reach to the Summit of the Adams peak.

We are Starting the trek between 1-2 am from Nallathanniya (Dalhousie).so you have time for a couple of short breaks, and to ensure you see the sunrise from the adams peak summit. You will be climbing up (and down) more than 5,000 steps. If you have knee pain (and even if you don’t) your knees will hurt for a day or two. Be nice to your knees and use trekking poles (or find a stick).

You will be hot and sweaty during the summit but as soon as you reach the peak you will stop moving and the cool air will chill you to the bone. Trek in a t-shirt, and bring a dry sweatshirt for the summit.Once the sun rises, the temperature climbs fast. The direct sunlight takes a lot out of you. If you are at the summit for sunrise, you will be back well before 8AM.


Pictures From Nallathanniya Route